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Room size and ceiling height


A room size will determine what kind of ceiling fan would be suitable enough to cool down the room. Not all ceiling fans are made for all room sizes, so be sure to know the size of your room before purchasing a ceiling fan.


The ceiling height of your room will also determine what length of down rod is needed for your ceiling fan. A down rod is a pole attached to the top of the ceiling fan. All ceiling fans come with a short down rod meant for a standard 8-foot ceiling.


In order to ensure the best ceiling fan will be selected for your room, make sure you have at least the room size and ceiling height information with you when visiting our showroom.


Ceiling fan performance


Motor size, blade pitch and blade construction together determine how well a ceiling fan will perform. The bigger the better idea does not apply to ceiling fans. A bigger ceiling fan does not necessarily perform better than a smaller ceiling fan.

When a ceiling fan is turning counter-clockwise, a breeze is produced that helps create a wind-chill factor. Although a thermostat may not give a reading in degrees that the room is cooling down like an air conditioner would, the wind-chill factor makes the room feel cooler than what is being recorded on the thermostat.


The wind-chill factor can be felt by anyone in the room and makes being in the room much more comfortable, although the temperature in the room has not really changed. This allows people to run their air conditioner at a higher temperature when used with a ceiling fan.


Some days, a ceiling fan is enough to keep the room feeling cool, so an air conditioner could be kept off. This will save people money on their monthly electricity bill and help keep our environment green by being more fuel efficient. Air conditioners use anywhere between 500 to 3500 watts versus ceiling fans that use only 24 to 90 watts.

There are many ceiling fans out on the market today. You'll need to gain a lot of knowledge to make the best decision. Be a ceiling fan professional when you read the fan buying tips from Pacific Ceiling Fans Inc. We've been the area's top ceiling fan experts for 30 years.

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How Does a Ceiling Fan Cool Down a Room?

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What do you need to know when buying a ceiling fan?

What is blade pitch?

Blade pitch is a fancy term for blade angle. In general, the greater the blade pitch or angle, the more air the ceiling fan will move. A good ceiling fan will have a blade pitch between 12 and 16 degrees.


A higher blade pitch alone is not enough to determine how well the ceiling fan will perform. The right combination of the motor size and blade pitch will ensure the best performance of the ceiling fan.

What is blade construction?

Knowing what your ceiling fan blade is made of will help determine how long and well your ceiling fan will perform. Ceiling fan blades should be made of pressurized hardwood to decrease the chances of warping.


Outdoor ceiling fan blades should use materials like plastic. Cheaper ceiling fan blades made of materials like particle boards may look great when bought new, but over time, they warp causing the ceiling fan to wobble and make noise.


Design of the ceiling fan


The days of ceiling fans being an ugly fixture purely for functional use are long gone. Ceiling fans now come in all different styles and designs that add to the interior decor of a room. Many of our ceiling fans come in different finishes, as well as different blade color options.


Our tropical ceiling fans are popular picks with the local interior designers, and many have been used to decorate model homes throughout the island. We have all different types of looks from traditional, contemporary, and tropical in stock and display at our showroom.




There are three basic types of controls for a ceiling fan: a pull chain, handheld remote control or a wall control. When purchasing a ceiling fan, decide what control would work best for you.